The goal of the Chinese Familial Alzheimer's disease Network (CFAN), which is China's first registration system for patients with familial Alzheimer's disease (FAD), is to provide patients having FAD and their families with the most professional clinical diagnoses, genetic examination and counseling, and intervention. The CFAN research team comprisesdoctors who are professional for the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders. Please contact us if you or your family members have exhibited FAD-like symptoms.

1. How to identify FAD?

FAD has the following characteristics:

There are at least two first-degree relatives in two or more successive generations of the family members who have exhibited a memory impairment, personality change, and/or decline or loss of the ability to perform activities of daily living;

Individuals are excluded if they have congenital cognitive disorders, such as mental retardation, before the age of 25.

If you or your family members have exhibited any of the signs mentioned above, please register with CFAN. Based on the clinical information submitted by you, medical professionals from our network team will make a preliminary determination about whether the symptoms are consistent with those of FAD and provide a response. If the preliminary diagnosis indicates that an individual may be suffering from FAD, we will contact you or your family in order to inform you of the possible clinical examinations that we can provide. If a definitive diagnosis of FAD is made, we will provide you and your family with a professional intervention program and genetic counseling services. The personal information of the registrant, patient, and family members is protected by the stringent privacy policies of our organization.

2. How do eligible families register with CFAN?

Step 1:Fill in the registrant's personal information according to the requirements.

Step 2:Fill in the patient's personal information according to the requirements.

Step 3:Provide information regarding the patient's symptoms and family medical history according to the questions listed on the website.

Step 4: The network will conduct a preliminary review and provide a response. If the CFAN doctor believes that the patient's symptoms match those of FAD, we will contact you and make further arrangements.

The detailed steps are shown in the following chart:

3. Registration information

1. Information that the registrant should provide:

1) Provide names, sexes, ages, personal ID numbers, home addresses, phone numbers, and emails for both the registrant and patient.

2) Answer the questions regarding the patient's medical history and family medical history on the website.

2. Privacy protection:

1) CFAN will guarantee the confidentiality of the personal and medical information of yourself and your family, which will not be disclosed to any third parties.

2) An informed consent form will be provided to the subjects for signature if they are willing to participate in clinical trials and drug testing.

3. Voluntary participation and opt-out principle:

Individuals who meet the registration requirements can register on our website on a voluntary basis. You are free to opt out of the project at any time after registration.