FAD is a genetic disease that is infrequent but not rare and accounts for approximately 5% of all AD cases. Compared with patients with sporadic AD, patients with FAD have earlier onsets, faster disease development, more severe conditions, and a 50% risk of passing FAD onto their children. By performing genetic screening in the entire pedigree, asymptomatic carriers can be identified early and thus can receive early diagnoses and interventions to improve prognoses. The long-term follow-up of patients with FAD will provide important data that might reveal the evolutionary patterns of FAD. In addition, patients with FAD are the best group for testing the efficacy of early drug interventions for AD. These are important steps for drug research and development in AD.

Clinicians and researchers are welcome to actively participate in the registration study of Chinese patients with FAD, and share this resource platform for collaborative clinical and research studies that contribute to the research and treatment of FAD in China.

Application Procedures

1)Fill in the registered doctor's information.

2)Fill in the information on the patient and his/her family as recommended by the registered doctor.

3)Upload the patient's family pedigree (refer to the following chart) information and any attachments related to their medical history.